Below are instructions to configure restrictions for your new event.
  1. Click desired event name under Your events
  2. Click Setup
  3. Select Restrictions and settings under Event setup
  4. Enter numeric value in Public Capacity field
  5. Enter numeric value in Capacity field
  6. Enter numeric value in Age fields
  7. Select Age restriction
    • First day of the event: Age on the first day of the event, established within event details
    • Registration date: Age on the day the registration processes
    • Custom date: Specific date entered manually that participants must be older than to register
  8. Select Gender option
    • Male & Female (default)
    • Male
    • Female
  9. Select Yes or No next to Can participants register others who are 18 or over
  10. Select Prevent duplicate registrations
    • Note: Registrations with identical first name, last name, gender, and birth date are considered as duplicated registrations. If you have enabled this control, duplicated registrations will be prevented from the system, but existing registrations will not be affected.
  11. Select Verify email address on mobile express checkout or Do not verify email address (default)
  12. Select Yes or No to Enable group packet pickup
  13. Select Yes or No to Allow multiple selection on registration page
a. If Yes is selected in Step 13, please select Yes or No to Allow registrants to select categories with conflicting times
b. If No is selected in Step 13, please select Yes or No to Allow registrants to add registration to cart (display "Add another registration' link in cart) 
  • Note: Above b scenario is invisible if the account has enabled New Customer UI. 
  1. (Optional)To enable Express registration, check the box next to "Allow registrants have the option to pay first and register later during mobile registration"
  2. Click Save & continue