It is required for all registrants 18 and above to sign electronic waivers by themselves. When anyone who are 18 and above are registered by someone else, their waiver status will be unsigned.

In order to prevent unsigned waivers, we recommend the following event setup:
  1. Do not create price type of "Group-registration Team" at Create New Registration Categories
  2. Disable the option for participants to register others over the age of 18 (see below, part of restrictions and express registrations)
    1. Select Add Event Restrictions of event setup
    2. Choose No next to Can participants register others who are 18 or over? (Does not apply to group registrations)
    3. Click Save & continue
  3. Do not enter offline registrations
Note: When there is unsigned waiver, you can also Remind One Participant to Sign Outstanding Waiver or Edit Participant Waiver Status