Depending on the settings for an event (or the categories and price types within an event), some registrant waivers will be unsigned after the registration process is complete. This is generally caused by the following situations:
  • The participant was registered online by another person over the age of 18 (such as a husband registering their wife)
  • The participant was manually registered by an organizer through ACTIVE Works Endurance (a front desk or offline registration)
  • The waiver was added after the participant had already registered

Legally, a waiver may only be signed by the participant if he/she is over the age of 18, or by the participant's legal guardian if he/she is under 18. To disable this setting for an event, refer to the instructions mentioned in Add Event Restrictions. This does not apply to group-registration teams.

Below are instructions to send waiver reminders to multiple participants

1. Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance
2. Click on desired event under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
3. Click Send waiver reminder under Quick Links
User-added image
4. Within Unsigned waiver reminder dialog box that appears, confirm details of message (including an optional message)
5. Click Send reminder

Note: Participants can follow steps in Sign Waiver to sign the outstanding waivers. 
Note: Confirmation emails (sent to an individual or a group) each contain a unique link that a registrant can click to electronically sign an unsigned waiver
Note: Once waivers are signed, status changes from Unsigned to Signed

Note: For Under 18 registrants, the waiver reminder will be triggered to their parent/legal guardians. 
Below is how Under 18s waiver reminder looks like: 
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Clicking Sign your waivers opens a new waivers page as below: 
User-added image