Adults (above 18 years old), who are registered by someone else, must sign waivers to get their memberships activated. Upon registration completion, they will receive an email titled Sign Your Waivers to Activate Your Membership. 

Note: Member Portal is most compatible with deskptop browsers Chrome and Firefox. For the best online experience, please access the website at your computer instead of mobile devices

By following instructions below, members will be able to sign waivers in order to activate memberships:
  1. Login Member Portal with your registration email address and password as follows:
  • For email addresses that are not yet registered on
    1. Simply click Forgot your password to create a new password
    2. You will receive an email to about your password on
    3. Log in Member Portal with email address and password provided at​
      • Note: Remember to use the same email address the membership confirmation email was sent to
  1. Click Sign Waivers under ACTIONS
  2. Sign waivers by typing your first and last names
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Note: Once waivers are signed, membership status will be changed from "Pending waiver" to "Active"