Below are the instructions for members to manually renew membership: 
  1. Login Membership Portal at
  • Note: Memberportal is not compatible with mobile devices. Please open the website with a computer.
  1. Locate the membership name to renew
  2. Click Renew Membership
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  • Note: Renew membership will not show up if auto-renewal is on.
  • NoteRenew Membership becomes available when it is within Early Renewals dates, which is determined by membership package setup.  
  • Note: If the membership program is set to Allow Early Renewals and grace period is set, members can renew memberships after grace period. For example, the expiry date of the membership is November 1st 2018, the grace period ends on November 12th 2018, then the member can renew memberships after November 12th 2018.
  1. Follow the system prompt to complete renew process in a new pop-up window
    • Note: Renew process is the same as registration process, including sign in passport, choose membership package, answer form quetsions, and check out with payment
    • Note: If no pop-up window is automatically opened, please check your browser address bar to allow the pop-up option