Data Migration helps you to import members into Active Membership Manager. Instead of creating memberships individually, you can copy your membership records in bulk into a spreadsheet template file and upload this to Active Membership Manager. Active Membership Manager will automatically create Memberships from this file, send welcome emails to the members and if required, request membership fee payments, form question answers, and waiver signatures.

Note: Only adults 18 or older can be imported

Below are the following steps necessary to start migration after logging into ACTIVE Membership Manager as Migration Coordinator:
  1. Go to Data Migration tab
  2. Select start migration
  3. Type in a name for internal record at Step 1: Name migration > Click Save & continue
  4. At Step 2: Download and upload templates, click Download Data Migration Template to export system template
  5. Launch template in Microsoft Excel, fill in external member information as required
    • Note: Please ensure to fill in Data Migration Template according to format requirement provided in User Guide
    • Note: Emails of all external members must be valid and unique to ensure activation emails can be received. Status of imported membership will remain Migrating status unless activation is completed by members themselves
  6. Once import template is completed, click Choose file to import > Click Save & Continue
  1. At Step 3: Migration settings, select membership program, package and option to import into > Click Ok > Click Save & Continue
User-added image
  1. Your Migration information is validated successfully when the screen below comes up
    • Note: If there is an error, please follow system instructions to go back and fix template information accordingly. Then re-import the template for validation
migrating processing
  1. Click Migrate to start importing
  2. Migration is completed once reach the screen below
Migration completed screen

Note: An automatic email will be sent to imported members immediately. Imported Members are required to use link provided in the email to activate membership status