A membership report can be used to generate a full list of members and their membership status. This article demonstrates the steps to generate a full list of members who are currently "Active" and are registered for package options that are created as "Duration".

Below are the instructions to run this report after logging into Membership Manager:
  1. Determine Membership since date range:
    1. From program home page, locate the desired package name > Click View package options
    2. Under Package options, locate the desired package option and duration to generate report for
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  1. Determine membership date range is applicable to all current Active members:
    1. Current term start date = TODAY - Duration + 1 Day
    2. Current term end date = TODAY + Duration - 1 Day
  • Example: When membership duration is 1 Month and TODAY is March 15, membership since the start date is February 16 and end date is April 14.
  1. Run Membership Report:
    1. Open the Reports tab
    2. Select report type Membership
    3. Select Membership Status, Program, Package, Package option to generate the report 
    4. Under Current term date, select start and end dates
    5. Click Request report
    6. Click Refresh
    7. Click Download next to the new report once available