ACTIVE Works Endurance functions in conjunction with memberships purchased via ACTIVE Advantage or ACTIVE Membership Manager . To apply a membership discount from ACTIVE Membership Manager, create a membership organization and a membership program first. Visit to get started (sign in is required). We recommend reviewing the Adding a membership program article for additional information.
  • Note: There may be a 4-6 hour delay for future members to register for a membership program packages
Once a membership program has been created, refer to the following instructions to assign membership discounts to an event using the Membership benefits tool 
  1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click an event name under Your events
  2. Go to Tools > Membership benefits
  3. Click Create a membership benefit
  4. Within the Membership organization field, search for the membership organization created in ACTIVE Membership Manager, click Select
  • Note: We recommend searching for the exact membership organization name as all membership organization names display during a search
  1. The Select membership(s) field displays all organization, program, and package options - check the box(es) to apply the applicable options
  2. Enter a Benefit name
  • Note: This name appears within the discount report
  1. Leave the box next to Only members can register un-checked, unless existing members are the only athletes that may register for this event
  2. Select a Discount type
    1. USD amount
    2. Percentage
  3. Within the Select one or more categories section, select categories and price types to apply the membership benefit to
  4. Specify a Valid duration
    1. None
    2. Start and end date (for when the benefit should be available from beginning to expiration)
  5. Click Finish

Athletes that purchase a membership and then register for the established event will receive the applied discount at checkout (assuming the same Passport account is used).