Multi-tier membership requires that one membership must be purchased in conjunction with other membership within an organization's hierarchy. This is most commonly used by national Governing Body and Associated Clubs.

Multi-tier membership program setup must be completed by both Governing Body and Associated clubs together. Below are the instructions:
  1. Both Governing Body and Associated clubs are required to create Organization Hierarchy setup in Organization Management
  2. Governing Body needs to set their identify in Organization Settings by following steps here: Configuring Governing Body in Membership Manager
  3. Both Governing Body and Associated clubs need to set up membership programs within their own account
  4. Both Governing Body and Associated clubs must set up membership program as Multi-tier purchase as follows:
    1. Open desired membership program
    2. Click Edit Program
    3. Select Multi-tier under Multi-Tier Purchase Requirements
    4. Click Save
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  1. Governing Body needs to set up multi-tier purchase as follows:
    1. Open Membership Program
    2. Under Package summary, click View Package options
    3. Within Package options, click View & Update
    4. Under Multi-Tier Purchase Requirements, choose tier number next to Require
      • ​Note: Choose Tier 2 if only child organizations of this governing body must be purchased together; Choose Tier 3 if child organizations of its own child organizations must be purchased together as well, etc.
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  1. ​Type in Tier name to be displayed during online registration process
  • ​​​​Note: Tier 2 Name will be displayed to the public as our example screenshot below:
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  1. Click Save
  2. Repeat Step a-e for ALL applicable membership package options until finished
  1. Obtain Registration Link of Membership Program created in Governing Body as the ONLY registration link
  • Note: Registration links of Associated Clubs are not valid when multi-tier purchase is required

Note: Multi-tier purchase requirements are program-to-program. When new program is created, multi-tier purchase needs to be manually checked as necessary. Otherwise, membership programs will default as Stand-alone purchase only.