Below are instructions to add multi-person discounts.

Note: This is a premium feature within ACTIVE Works Endurance. For more information on this feature, you will need to contact your account manager. Don't know who your account manager is? Contact support at:
  1. Click one desired event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
  2. Go to Tools > Discounts > Multi-person discount
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  1. Click Create
  2. Select Multi-person registration discount as Discount type
  • Note: If Social referral rebate is selected as Discount type, please follow steps in Enable Referral Rebates to create social referral rebate.        
  1. Complete all fields:
a. Name: Displayed on receipts, 50 characters maximum
b. Select Discount by: amount or percentage
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c. Select Amount rules and enter rule details
  • Note: The first field is for the number of participants in the order
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d. (Optional) Add another rule
e. (Optional) Description: internal-use only, 255 characters maximum
f. (Optional) Expiration date: specify none or establish start and end dates  
  1. Under What are you discounting, check to select one or more categories to receive discounts
  2. Click Save
Note: Multi-person discounts apply to price type fees only - additional purchase amounts will not be discounted
Note: Multi-person discount will be automatically applied to all registrant subtotals at checkout page
Note: Multi-person discounts do not apply to multi-person registrations in OnSite App