Below are instructions to create, edit and manage PromoLink discounts after logging into ACTIVE Works Endurance.
  1. From Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME), click event name 
  2. Go to Tools > Discounts
  3. Click PromoLink
  4. Click Create
  5. Complete all fields:
    1. Name: Displayed on receipts, 50 characters maximum
    2. Amount: Flat amount or percentage
      • Note: Amount discounts cannot be applied to additional purchases
    3. (Optional) Description: Internal-use only, 255 characters maximum
    4. (Optional) Expiration date: Specify none or establish start and end dates
    5. (Optional) Maximum number of uses: Will default to a maximum value of 500
      • Note: If a discounted registration is canceled or transferred (to another person, category or event) the count of the number of uses will decrease in 1, allowing an additional person to use the discount. Please note this could result in more people using the discount than the original Maximum number of uses set 
  6. Check boxes next to categories and price types to apply discount to
  7. Click Save
  8. Provide registration link to the discount provider
Note: Registrants registered through PromoLink can be tracked in Registration Report and Custom Registration Report.
  • In the Registration Report, the PromoLink Name will show up in the column of Invitation Source.
  • In the Custom Report, the value PromoLink Name and PromoLink Discount Amount are available in column options.