Below are instructions to view or download discount information using the Discounts report
  1. From Organization Dashboard, click Event Name under Your Events
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  1. Click Reports tab
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  2. Click Discounts
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  3. Next to Search by, select desired option
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  4. Select desired Dates:
    • All time periods
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • This week
    • This month
    • This year
    • Last year
    • Payment period
    • Custom date range
    • Note: The dates shown for today, yesterday, this week, etc. will change based on when the report is viewed
  5. Click View button to refresh page
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  6. Click Download button to export the report in CSV format
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  7. Once report finishes processing, click Download Discounts Report - XX/XX/XXXX
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  •  Note: The report may be saved to your computer. The default file name is Endurance_discount.csv
  •  Note: At this time we recommend opening all reports in Microsoft Excel to avoid any formatting issues