Below is a list of options for creating a wait-list for your event, how the option functions, pros and cons of that option and the steps to follow to use that option, after Login to ACTIVE Works Endurance
  • Create a Waitlist Registration Category: This option will allow participants to be added to a wait-list for a particular event category, and allow the Event Director to keep track of who to transfer to the event once a spot opens up. Create a waitlist with a zero price.
Note: Pro: this is a “fair” way to create the wait-list (first come, first served)
Note: Con: This requires the Event Director to run a registration report, sort the report document to show only the participants that enrolled in the wait-list category, and the order in which each participant registered – to ensure you have the first person that registered for that category at the top of the list.
Note: Con: Event Director must manually transfer the participant to the event category the waitlist was created for.
Note: Con: Event Director must change the registration close date – after the category is sold out - to ensure registration stays closed if a participant cancels their registration (this will prevent someone who wasn’t on the waitlist or isn’t at the top of the waitlist from registering for the event) 
  •  Create a Chance Entry: Chance entries are used to draw a certain number of participants from a pool of registrants. A chance entry registration is considered In Process or Incomplete until after the chance-entry drawing. The registrants whose names are selected randomly will be prompted to complete registration and the registrants whose names are not selected will not be allowed to register. To set this up, follow the instructions to Set Up Chance Entry Event.
Note: Pro:  Participants are alerted automatically when they are able to register for the event.
Note: Con:  Does not function under a first come, first served basis – may be considered unfair.
Note: Con: Participants cannot use a discount code when registering under this category.
Note: Con: A price of at least $1.00 is required for participants to register under a chance entry
Note: Con: Participants are not guaranteed a registration spot in the event. (Participants are forced to pay for a spot that is not guaranteed)