Registrants sometimes request to create a team after a registration has been processed. This process is only available for the self-registration team configuration and the person will be made captain of the new team.

Below are instructions to create a team for an athlete after his/her registration is complete:
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home), click on event name under Your Events
  2. Click Participants
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  1. Enter participant's name to search
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  1. Check box beside participant's name and click View
  2. Click Create a team
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  • Note: "Create a team" and "Assign to a team" options can only be shown up when Allow Self-registration teams has been enabled on the desired Price Type within Registration categories setup. Visit Add or Edit a Price in Registration Categories for steps on creating or enabling a Price Type with Self-registration teams. 
  1. Enter the Team name
  2. Click Create team