Below are instructions on how to purchase additional pre-paid registrations after Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account:

Note: Post-registration purchases of pre-pay options can only be performed by event organizers. This require pre-pay options must be enabled for event organizers  
  1. Open your event under Your events
  2. Go to Self-Registration Team Setup (step 4), check Event organizers next to Enable prepay option for yourself > Click Save & continue
 User-added image
  1. Return to event dashboard > Click Teams tab
User-added image
  1. Find and click the desired Team name
  2. Click Pre-pay (Pre-pay for team members pop-up box appears)
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  1. Enter quantity number under NUMBER OF TEAM MEMBERS
  2. Click Calculate
  3. Click Continue
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  1. Click Checkout to reach confirmation page
  2. Click Close

Team captain can then Invite a Pre-Paid Team Member to Join.

You can also help participants to Cancel or Delete Prepaid Invitation.