Note: Group-registration team requires team captain to register and pay for all team members at the time of team creation. Use this price type for the following circumstances:
- The entire team is available/known at the time of registration
- There will be no additions or removals from team after registration

Note: At this time, changes cannot be made to group captain or members - if changes (such as adding or dropping members) are needed, group registration must be cancelled and refunded, then group must register again with correct members

Note: A relay group registration counts as one registration regardless of how many people sign up

Below are instructions to create price type Group-Registration Team 
  1. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click event name under Your events
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Registration categories
  4. Under category, add group-registration price, click Add a price.
  5. In Price type, select Group-registration team and select the following (all items are required, unless marked as optional)
    1. Display name - What is displayed to consumer during online registration and in reports, the default name is Group-registration team Age group/open
    2. Price - Price to register for price type
    3. (Optional) GL code - General Ledger
    4. Allow participant to upload file after registration (optional) i.e., permission slips, doctor notes
  6. Under Group-registration team settings, select following option (all items are required)
    1. Pricing option - Set price per team or price per person on team
    2. People per team - Enter minimum and maximum number of members per team
    3. Relay (Yes or No)
      • Note: If set to Yes, Team member participation will show. Select Require one leg per team member  or Allow multiple legs per team member
  7. (Optional) Adjust Price schedule to include price increase(s)
    1.  (Optional) Copy prices from - will import price(s) from category selected
    2. (Optional) Date and Time - Select date and time you want price to increase
    3.  (Optional) Price - The amount of increase
    4. (Optional) Add price change - to add an additional price increase
  8. Click Save