Below are instructions to remove or delete a self-registered team after Log in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account:

Note: A self-registration team can only be removed by Event Director from the admin user interface, participants (team captain and team members) are not able to remove a self-registration team. 
Note: Removing a team forces all registered team members to become individual participants

  1. Click event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
  2. Click Teams
  3. Check box next to team name, click Remove team
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  • Note: Teams cannot be removed if registered under Group Registration price type
  • Note:  Registrant(s) who registered in price categories which require participants to create a team or join a team should be transferred to other categories or assigned to another team after this team is removed - refer to steps in Assign Participants to Team after Registration article
  • Note: If prepaid invitations exist, you may optionally refund team captain in step 5
  • Note: If all team members are mean to be moved to another team, please refer to Merge Teams
  1. Click Continue
  2. (Optional) Choose to refund Team creation fee or Prepaid team slots
  3. Click Next