After Add or Edit Registration Categories, one or more price types can be added within each Registration Category. Registration categories are the main categories available, whereas Price types are the actual registrant types with a price associated. 

Below are instructions to Add or Edit Price Types after the Registration Categories are created
  1. Click Add Price under a Registration Category or click Edit besides an existing Price Type
  • Note: When you click Edit, the Edit a price window appears. 
  1. Choose Price type
  • Individual: Used for solo registrations and team categories where individuals choose which team to join
  • Individual chance entry: Used for lottery/style solo registrations
    • Note: Selecting this option yields additional chance entry fields (number of entries to draw, change entry fee, and GL code)
  • Group-registration team: Used when a team captain will register the entire team during a single registration/transaction
    • Note: We recommend using Self-registration teams instead of Group-registration team if you anticipate changes to the team or participants need to be able to register themselves as part of the team.
    • Note: Selecting this option yields additional group-reg fields (pricing option, min/max people per team, and relay)
  1. Add Display Name
  2. Add Description
  3. Add Price
  4. (Optional) Enter GL code (General Ledger)
  5. (Optional) Choose to Allow self-registration teams - Set Up Self-Registration Teams (Step 4)
  6. (Optional) Choose to Allow participant to upload file after registration
  • Note: This can be used for basic uploads such as images, or a permission slip signed by a doctor
  1. (Optional) Adjust Price schedule
  2. Save