During event set up, you have the option to allow participants to Self-register in teams.  Self-registration teams enable a team captain to create a team, and each team member can then register him or herself. Example uses are corporate teams, community teams, relay, and fundraising teams in which the team captain 
  • Note: Allow Self-registration teams must first be enabled on the desired Price Type within Registration categories setup to use and configure Self-Registration teams. Visit Add or Edit a Price in Registration Categories for steps on creating or enabling a Price Type with Self-registration teams. 

Below are instructions to assist in configuring the various settings and rules for Self-registrations teams. Many behaviors and settings are completely optional, and are meant to provide greater flexibility for your team setup.
  1. Click event name from HOME tab
  2. Click Setup tab, then Self-registration team setup
  3. Configure Price Settings as needed
    • (Optional) - Team creation fee (if no fee, enter 0.00)
    • (Optional) - GL code (General Ledger)
    • (Optional) -  Team member discount, if applicable
  4. Configure Pre-Pay settings
    1. (Optional) -  Allow team captains and event organizers to prepay for different price categories
    2. (Optional) -  Choose to Enable pre-pay options for: Event Organizers or Team Captains
  5. Configure Team configuration settings
    • (Optional) - Choose if Team members must register for same category as team captain
    • (Optional) - Enter Maximum people per team
      • Note: If left blank, no maximum is applied (unlimited team members are possible)
    • (Optional) - Set team rules by selecting desired price types and clicking Set team rules to choose among:
      • Registrants must create a team
      • Registrants must join a team
      • Registrants must create or join a team
      • No team participation is required (default option)
    •  (Optional) - Set specific price type team maximums by selecting desired price types and clicking Set team max
      • Note: If left blank, no maximum is applied (unlimited team members are possible)
  6. Configure Team captain settings
    • (Optional) Select to make team registration passwords optional or required
      • Note: Password required recommended if team captain wants to restrict who can join his/her team
  7. Configure Post-registration team settings
    • (Optional) - Check Enable a participant to create a self-registration team after registration box, if you allow participants to create teams after registering via MyEvents. Also provide a start and end Dates during which teams can be created
      • Note: Enabling post-registration team creation will disable Team creation fee
    • (Optional) - Check Enable a participant to join a self-registration team after registration box, if you allow participants to join teams after registering via MyEvents. Also provide a start and end Dates during which participant can join teams
    • (Optional) - Check Prevent participants from creating or joining self-registration teams during registration
      • Note: Checking this box means that athletes may only create or join self-registration teams after they have registered via MyEvents
  8. Click Save & continue