Below are the instructions to configure participation requirements with self-registration teams

Note: Self-registration teams must be enabled on at least one individual registration price type to require self-registration team participation
  1. Click Event Name under Your Events
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click Self-registration team setup from Event setup list on the right
  4. Scroll down to Team Configuration Settings
  5. Enter a number as Maximum team size
    • Note: Leave blank as unlimited
  6. Set Maximum Team Limit for different registration categories
    1. Check one or more registration categories
    2. Click Set team max
    3. Enter a number
    4. Click Save
  7. Edit team Participant rules:
    1. Check one or more price types
    2. Click Set Team Rules 
    3. Select team participant rules
      • Note: Screenshots of each rule in consumer registration flow is available below
    4.  Click OK
  8. (Optional) Check Team members must register for same category as team captain
    • Note: It will limit one team within the same registration category
  9. Team Participant Rules in Consumer Registration Flow:
    • No team participation is required:
      User-added image
    • Must create or join a teamUser-added image
    • Must create a teamUser-added image
    • Must join a teamUser-added image