Restrictions of price types are the same as its registration category by default. If certain restrictions shall be different from registration category's, you can adjust its configurations by following below instructions:
  1. Open your Event after Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. Click Setup
  3. Go to Registration Categories
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       4.Find your desired price type name
       5.Click Edit next to price restrictions
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  1. Adjust one or more price restrictions of the followings:
    1. Enter Capacity limit:
      1. Enter numeric value in Public capacity field, if applicable
        • Note: Public capacity will set the maximum number for public registrations but will not prevent registrations via VIP and team invitations if room remains in the capacity; default is unlimited
      2. Enter numeric value in Capacity field, if applicable
  • Note: Capacity will set the maximum number of registration allowed including those resulting from VIP and team invitations. Set a larger number than public capacity to reserve space for those types of invitations; default is unlimited
  1. Set Age restrictions:
    1. Enter a numeric value in the Age fields - the default is 0 through 120
    2. Select appropriate option for Age restriction
      • ​​First day of the event: Age on the first day of the event, established within event details
      • Registration date: Age on the day the registration processes
      • Custom date: Specific date entered manually that participants must be older than to register
  2. Select a Gender restriction option
    • Male & Female (default)
    • Male
    • Female
  3. Select Availability
    • Everyone (default)
    • Internal
    • No one
  4. (Optional) Enter Registration password
  5. Check or uncheck Address restriction box to select:
    • Only allow participants from
    • Do not allow participants from
    • Select Country
    • Select State (includes certain Provinces and Territories, depending on country)
  1. Click Save