Below are instructions on how to transfer a team from one category or price type to another after Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account:
  1. On Home page, select desired event
  2. Click Teams tab
  3. Search for desired team
  4. Select checkbox before the team
  5. Click Transfer team
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  • Note: This option is only available for Self-registration teams. The Group-registration team and Non-participating team captain do not support to transfer team to another category or price type. 
  1. On Transfer category page, select one desired registration category as Transfer to
    Note: Individual participants cannot be transferred to group-registration teams
  2. Click Next
  3. Review registration price and adjust, and/or charge a transfer fee if necessary​
  4. Update registration questions and waiver agreements as needed, click Next
  5. Enter payment information (displays if price adjustment occurred)​
    Note: Price adjustment actions vary depending on if the price is increasing or decreasing
  6. Click Complete transfer for this member
  7. Click Next team member
  8. Follow the above steps 6-12 to finish the transfer for the rest of the team