Below are instructions to transfer a participant from one category or price type to another
  1. Click event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
  2. Click Participants
  3. Search for participant
  4. Click participant name
  5. Click Actions and select Transfer to another Category
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  1. On Transfer category page, select one desired registration category as Transfer to
    • Note: Individual participants cannot be transferred to group-registration teams
    • Note: Participants can only transfer to another Category within the event they have registered for if the organization running the event has allowed it within their event settings. 
  2. Click Next
  3. Review registration price and adjust, and/or charge a transfer fee if necessary​
  4. Update registration questions and waiver agreements as needed, click Next
  • Note: The response of form questions will be auto-filled while transferring and you can make necessary edits to question responses.
  1. Enter payment information (displays if price adjustment occurred)​
  • Note: Price adjustment actions vary depending on if the price is increasing or decreasing
  1. (Optional) On the Review transferred items page, to charge a different product price and custom fee (Tax), click Edit prices and fees
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  • Note: Product is defined as either the Registration/Ticket Category or an individual Add-On item. Custom fees are configured in the Tools section of each event.
  1. (Optional) In edit mode, the product price of the new registration becomes adjustable:
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  1. (Optional) Change the product price to whatever you desire. In this example, we are charging $13 instead of $18:
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  1. Click Save to review the transfer; any updated prices and custom fees will be reflected
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  1. Enter Payment information and click Next
    • Note: Additional purchases made during original registration are transferred to new registration
  2. Click View Registration to view participant's new registration details
  3. (Optional) Click Print to print the transfer confirmation details, the print layout is as below: 
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