If you would like to offer your currently registered participants the option to defer to next year's event, we recommend setting up a new event and allowing participants to transfer to the new event via MyEvents. MyEvents is ACTIVE's participant portal that allows your registrants to view, modify, or transfer their registration themselves.

Then, once it is time for them to register for the new event, you can send them a VIP Invite so that they can register for free or at discounted rate.

Setting Up a New Event
Follow the steps below to set-up a temporary "holding" event for your participants that choose to defer. This does not need to be your actual event for next year, it is only a temporary event to hold participants until you are ready to invite them to register via a private unique link for the new event. 
  1. Initiate the event creation process by clicking the Create an event link on the right hand-side Actions bar
  2. Follow the event set-up process, needing only to provide the most basic amount of categories and set-up option. This is only a holding event for deferral participants so most items can be left as is. We recommend the following settings to ensure the most seamless transfer process.
    • Event name indicates that this is the deferral option. Example: Deferral: 2021 Running Event
    • 1 Registration category, then multiple price types for the different different deferral options.
    • All self-edit disabled
    • Only the most essential form questions such as First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Email.
    • All additional purchases removed.
    • No waivers. Participants can sign the new event waiver when they do their VIP registration.
    • Abandoned cart emails disabled.
    • Adding text to confirmation email, indicating that the participant will receive their link to register for new event once registration has opened.
  3. Activate registration in the Activation step of set up.
    • Do not publish your event listing to ACTIVE.com
    • Do not share the registration link.

Enabling Event-to-Event Transfer via MyEvents
Follow the steps below to enable event-to-event transfer, so that participants can self transfer themselves via MyEvents
  1. Click on your deferral holding event name
  2. Click Setup
  3. Click MyEvents self-edit setup under Event setup from right hand side menu
  4. Scroll down and enable the Enable participants to transfer to another event option
  5. Optional: Add a Transfer fee
  • ​​​​​​​Note: Enter 0.00 to charge no transfer fee
  1. Enter Last day to transfer
  2. Select the newly created holding event as an Eligible transfer-to event
  3. Click Save & continue button at bottom of page

Once you have created a new event and enabled event-to-event transfer, your participants can follow the linked instructions below to login to MyEvents and transfer their registration to the deferral event.
Please note that once you have collected all your deferred participants into your holding event, you will need to invite them to register for your next years event via our VIP Registrations tool, once that registration is open. You can use the help articles linked below to assist with this. This step does not need to be completed until registration has opened for your future event.