Below are instructions to create a new VIP group for VIP Invitations:
  1. Open Your Event after Logging into ACTIVEWorks Endurance
  2. Click Invitations
  3. Click Create a VIP group
  4. Within Create a VIP group screen, complete the followings > click Next
    1. VIP group name (appears in discount report)
      1. (Optional) Restrict registration by checking box Only the person named on the invitation can register
    2. Start date/time of VIP registration
    3. End date/time of VIP registration
    4. Discount type
      1. None
      2. Amount (fixed dollar amount)
      3. Percentage
      • Note: Selecting Percentage or Amount prompts for Discount (numeric value) and Discount code
    5. Check boxes to select categories and price types
  5. Select to send a customized email message to VIP invitees (or not) > click Next
    1. No: No email is sent
    2. Yes: Recipient receives email
  6. Select a method to add invitees
    1. Upload VIP Invitees
      • Note: Once the file is selected, invites will be automatically sent without a confirmation screen
      • Note: To upload invitees using .xls file (spreadsheet)
    2. Add VIP invitees one at a time
      • Note: Click Add after entering first name, last name, and email address to include each new invitee
  7. Click Finish

Note: Changes to groups apply to all outstanding invitations (including newly added participants)
Note: We recommended re-sending invitations after editing VIP group settings