By following the instructions below, you can hide registration categories from the public registration link and set them to only be available via VIP invitation links for VIP group invitees. 
  1. Proceed to Create New Registration Categories (Step 3)
    • Note: please ensure Availability for your category and price types to be Everyone
  2. Click Step 12 Activation to set registration open and close dates of desired VIP category/price types away from current date range 
    1. Check your event name > Click Edit > Set registration open and close dates of your event to include an earlier start date
      • Note: for example, if the start date of your event is "July 17, 2016", you can set it as "July 1,2016" 
    2. Check desired VIP category/price types > Click Edit > Set Start and End dates in the past 
    • Note: for example, if the start date of your event is "July 17, 2016", you can set Start and End dates to "July 1,2016" 
  • Note: The desired outcome of the above steps is to allow registration start/end dates of VIP category/price types to be away from public registration date range
​​​                   This as an example to achieve VIP registration categories:
User-added image
  • ​​​Note: Dates of registration categories can not be earlier or later than dates of the entire event
  • Note: You can set start and end dates of VIP categories in the future as well. In this way, VIP categories will not be visible via public registration link until that date. 
  1. Proceed to Create VIP Group