Create unique single use registration invitations that are sent to the registrants via email. VIP invitations can be tied to the recipients specific name to ensure the invitation cannot be shared with others. VIP invitations enforce the name on the ticket to match the participant name during registration, but they may use a different email address when being redeemed. You also have the option to associate a discount, define the start and end dates in which the invite must be used, as well as select which categories the VIP invite is applicable to.

Use VIP Invitations to:

► Provide % or fixed amount discounts to your most loyal customers, elite athletes, sponsors, corporate clients, and anyone else needing a personalized discount experience.
  • This means that only Jim Smith can register for your event, this means you don’t have to push discount codes out that Jim could share with his buddy.
► Register Deferred/Roll-over Participants
  • Associate a 100% discount and limit their invite to a specific category and person. This ensure that if they were registered for the 5k last year, you can limit it so that they can only register for the 5k this year.
  • Having participants re-register through an invite ensures you receive updated answers to form questions, current waivers are signed, and you create the opportunity to present merchandise to participants again. 

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