Follow the steps below if you need to resend a single VIP invitation to a registrant or if you need to resend all VIP invitations to a VIP Group. You may need to Resend invitations when someone may not be able to locate it in their inbox or you would like to remind the entire group to complete their registrations via their invite.

Resend SINGLE Invitation
1. Navigate to Invitations tab in your event
2. Select VIP Group, then click View Invitations 
3. Select registrant
4. Click blue Resend invitation button
ACTIVE-Works (10).png
5. Invitation will be resent

Resend ALL Unredeemed Invitations
1. Navigate to Invitations tab in your event
2. Select VIP Group
3. Click Resend Unredeemed invites
ACTIVE-Works (9).png
4. Invitations will be resent to all that have not redeemed their invite