Participants can only transfer to another Event within the event organization they have registered with.

If the organization running the event is a Premium member and has allowed it within their event settings, participants can follow the below steps to transfer to a different event after logging into
  1. Locate your registration
  2. Click Change event
  3. Select the new event
  4. Select new category
  5. Click CONTINUE
  6. Verify Registration information
  • Note: The response of the same form questions will be auto-filled, you can make necessary updates.
  1. Agree to the waiver
  2. Enter Electronic signature
  3. Click CONTINUE
  4. Click COMPLETE
Note: The option to transfer to another event is not available in MyEvents when participants are registered with a team
Note: If participant wants to transfer to another category within the same event, please refer to Participants - Transfer to Another Category