Registrants sometimes request to be transferred to a different team after a registration has been processed. This transfer process is only available for the self-registration team configuration. Teams created as group-registration teams are not eligible for transfers. Click here to learn more about Create Team Price Type.
  • Note: To transfer a team captain to another team, a different team member must first be assigned as team captain (then the prior captain can be re-assigned)

Below are instructions to assign an athlete to a team after his/her registration is complete:
  1. Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. Click Home tab, click the event name under Your Events
  3. Click Participants tab and enter participant's information to search
  4. Click on Participant's name
  5. Click Assign to a team
User-added image
  1. Select team name
  2. Click Submit Team Changes