The list below captures how custom fees are affected when completing an event to event transfer within the ACTIVEWorks Endurance:
  • Transfer to another event of equal price - Custom fee is neither charged or refunded
  • Transfer to lower priced event - Custom fee can be refunded
  • Transfer to an event if greater value - An additional custom fee will be charged
  • Note: The refunded and additionally charged custom fees will not match the original fee that was charged. The refunded and additionally charged amount will be the difference between the custom fee charge for the original event vs. the custom fee being charged for the newly transferred to event.
    • Example: A participant registers for Event A and pays $20 for registration and a $6 custom fee. The participant then transfers to Event B where they are only required to pay $10 for registration and a custom fee of $3. The participant will only be refunded $3 for the custom fee and $10 for the registration fee.
  • ​​Note: Refunds during transfers are not automatically done, the event director must select the option that allows the system to refund the difference during the transfer process