Below are instructions to create a new report

Note: Some report data may be viewed directly on screen or download, while others may only be downloaded
  1. From Organization Dashboard, click event name under Your Events
  2. Click on Reports tab
  3. Click on a report
    1. Revenue report: Provides a list of all payments and transactions, including summaries for total net income, refunds and processing fees
    2. Registrations Provides a list of all registrations for your event, including participants' responses to registration form questions
    3. Check-in list Provides a list of information to use at check-in, such as bib assignment, T-shirt size and more
    4. Merchandise: Itemizes merchandise sold, including total revenue, average purchase amount and other information
    5. Discounts: Provides a list of all discounts that have been used during registration
    6. Transfer report: Provides a list of registration transferred between events or price types
    7. Teams: Provides a list of your event's teams, including team names and team captains
    8. Waivers: Provides a file containing the waivers signed by your participants
    9. Custom Registration Reports: Click Create to select certain registration data fields to export
  4. Follow directions provided in topics below to view the report and/or download to Excel in CSV format