Below are instructions to download merchandise or additional purchase information using the Merchandise report after logging into ACTIVE Works Endurance.

1. From Organization Dashboard, click event name under Your Events
2. Click Reports tab
3. Click Merchandise
4. Select transactions to include:
a. All transactions
b. Cash & check only
c. Credit card only
5. Select time period:
a. All time periods
b. Today
c. Yesterday
d. This week
e. This month
f. This year
g. Last year
h. Payment period
i. Custom date range
Note: The dates shown for today, yesterday, this week, etc. will change based on when the report is viewed
6. Click View button to refresh the page
7. Click Download button to export the report in CSV format
8. Once report finishes processing, click Download Merchandise Report - XX/XX/XXXX

Note: The report may be saved to your computer - the default file name is Merchandise_report.csv

The Merchandise report includes the following information:
a. Last name
b. First name
c. Participant name
d. Address
e. Address 2
f. City
g. State
h. Country
i. Postal Code
j. Event ID
k. Category ID
l. Price type
m. Registration category
n. Item name
o. Item description
p. Product ID
q. Unit price
r. GL code
s. Quantity
t. Amount
u. Currency
v. Purchase date
Note: At this time we recommend opening all reports in Microsoft Excel to avoid any formatting issues