Below are steps to reconcile Payment Statement with Ledger Entries

1. Open Ledger Entries in Microsoft Excel
2. Apply filter
3. Check Credit Card only in Payment Type column
  • Note: Offline payments are not processed by ACTIVEworks Endurance
4. Select corresponding Statement Invoice# in Remittance Check Number column
5. Total Remittance amount column to confirm the total amount owed, which should match Statement amount
  • Note: You can now view both Remittance amounts and Amount not remitted amounts in separate columns. The Amount not remitted amount occurs when a purchaser used a combination of credit card and credit balance to pay for a registration. Example: For the order C-76X5PYVB3X8, the order amount was $40, of which $38 was paid using a credit card and $2 was paid from a credit balance (ACCOUNT_PAYMENT). The $2 is thus not remitted to the organization.
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6. Filter Payment Type column as follows to match with Credits, Debits, Processing Fees and Tax from Statements
  1. Credits: Check Purchase only in Transaction Type column, total Order Amount column to confirm with Credits
  2. Debits: Check Discount and Refund only in Transaction Type Column, total Order Amount of Partial discounts and total Remittance amount of Refunds to confirm with Debits
    • Note: Debits will also include any type of Custom Fees that were added
    • Note: Filter Partial discounts in Discount Column. Full Discounts are not included in Debit.
  3. Processing Fees: Check Processing Fees only in Transaction Type Column, total Remittance Amount column to confirm with Processing Fees
    • Note: Processing fees will not be showing in Revenue Report if your organization selected to Pass Fee onto participants .
  4. Tax: Check Tax only in Transaction Type Column, total Remittance Amount column to confirm with Tax total 
    • Note: Only agency-absorbed indirect taxes will be displayed in Revenue Report.