Below are steps for accessing information about your payments sent from ACTIVE.
  1. From Organization Dashboard, click FINANCIALS tab
  2. Click Revenue report
  3. Click and dates drop down menu
  4. Select This year or one payment period
  5. Click Update
  • Note: A list of Check/Direct Deposit Numbers, payment period dates, payment dates, account names and payment amounts will be shown. If the payment is "Pending" or "Processing", the payment date will not be shown. See example in below image:
User-added image
  • Note: You can download your payment statement in a PDF by clicking on Check/Direct Deposit Numbers
  • Note: Once your payment is sent out, you may see check numbers/direct deposit numbers on the first column
  • Note: To view the dates when payments are issued, please refer to 2023 Payment Schedule
  • Note: You can contact support at if your payments are in Processing status and not issued in time according to the payment dates in 2023 Payment Schedule