During an event sale, if the network is disconnected, then ACTIVE POS automatically switches to offline mode (indicated by a red “OFFLINE MODE” status bar on top), allowing you to continue with the sale. 
After switching to offline mode: 
  • Only cash and swiped card payments are accepted.  
  • Manual entry of credit card information is NOT permitted.
  • Coupons are NOT supported and any applied coupons in the current order are removed.
  • Encrypted sensitive credit card data is stored in the mobile POS device until it reconnects to the network, and is then submitted to the PCI-DSS compliant AMS environment. 
  • Offline mode credit card transactions will be processed automatically once the mobile POS device reconnects to the network within 72 hours, otherwise the transactions will expire. Submissions of offline cash payments do not have a time limit. 
  • If you log out before offline mode credit card transactions can be submitted, then you must log back in within 72 hours to process the payments. 
  • The agency will be responsible for any expired, declined or disputed card payments accepted while in offline mode. Please verify the cardholder’s name and the card expiration date to ensure it is a valid card.
  • The agency will be charged processing fees for both online and offline orders. 
  • Do not uninstall the app, otherwise pending orders made in offline mode might be lost.
  • Email receipts for offline orders will be sent after the orders are successfully processed.