Please follow the steps below to log in to ACTIVE POS and select an event:
  1. (Optional) Follow the steps in Installing ACTIVE POS and Card Reader on POS Device to install ACTIVE POS
  2. Tap the app icon POS and enter your ACTIVE Passport credentials 
  3. (Optional) For GDPR-complaint agencies where users must sign or re-sign the ACTIVE Terms of Use and Privacy Policy waivers, the Select country screen is displayed. Tap your country or region and then tick the waivers.
  • Note: This is only required if it's the first time using this ACTIVE Passport to log in to ACTIVE POS.
  1. (Optional) Tap the required organization if your account is associated with multiple organizations
  2. Tap the required event
  • Note: Tap the Current events drop-down on top right corner of your screen, choose Past events to make past events show up.
  1. Available merchandise for this event is loaded and displayed