Listed below is all of the information needed by event directors about's refund policy. follows a no refund policy for our processing fees. However, we do allow our event directors to issue refunds for their registration fees. To do this, event directors must first have refunds enabled for their organization. To enable refunds for your organization, contact our client support via

To issue a refund, follow the steps within these articles:
Cancel Registration and Issue Refund
Issue a Credit or Refund without Cancellation
Issue Refund for a Cancelled Registration
Issue Refund from Credits Balance
Cancel and Refund Express Registration
Closed Credit Card Refund

If you need to cancel an event and issue refunds to your participants, please check the instruction of Mass Refunds for Cancelled Event and contact your account manager or the support team via

Note: When issuing refunds to all of an event's participants, ACTIVE requires that all remittance needed for the refunds be within your ACTIVE account (meaning none of the active payments sent to you for registrations have been cashed and/or are in your organization's bank account). 
Note: If you have not cashed your ACTIVE payments, the checks will be cancelled and refunds may be issued. If you have cashed your ACTIVE payments and see the "Insufficient Funds" error message when processing refund, you need to contact your account manager or the support team via to learn what steps need to be taken to issue refunds.
Note: Orders that were created over two years ago are no longer capable of being refunded using  Below are the possible workarounds:
  • Refund outside (send the participants cash or write them a check, or bank transfer the amount to their accounts)
  • Refund as Credit Balance

Check below for more articles regarding refunds: