Events created using ACTIVE Works Endurance may be published to, which allows the event (and related details) to be visible via the search. This action is achieved via the Activation step of the event setup process.

Publishing an event to yields many benefits to organizers, including:
1. Reach a brand new audience of endurance athletes who already use the search to find events in their area (and find yours)
2. Drive past participants to continue using to search and register for your event again
3. Connect with other users looking to start participating in races (and get fit)

If an event is not published and searchable, the information found on the event details will not be available on As a result, the event may not be easily found - however sometimes this is intentional, such as for organizers that wish to keep an event private or limited to certain registrants.

Any changes made to an already published event can take up to five hours to appear on the event listing - this delay is caused by's search function crawling the pages and caching the new information. This action better allows ACTIVE Network to support the high traffic experienced during peak times.