After creating a new event, you must create a sub-event in order to upload results. This allows you to upload multiple types of results (5K, 10K, cycling) for each event. Below are instructions to add a sub-event and upload a file to a newly created event 
  1. From Manage Event screen, click + button to add results to an event
  2. Enter information in the following fields:
    1. Event or Category Title
    2. Event Type
    3. Event Date & Time
    4. Distance
    • Note: The I would like to create this sub-event but upload a file at a later date option allows you to create an event without uploading a file (not recommended).
    • Note: If you are using a results file format such as PDF, EXC, HTML, etc. please select the box next to I would like to upload this as a non-searchable results file. This allows this type of file to be uploaded, but they will not be searchable as these file types are not compatible with ACTIVE Results.¬†
  3. Click Browse and select the file to upload
  4. Click Upload Your Results
  5. A confirmation message will appear (temporarily) stating that the sub-event was created successfully
  6. The Status will also show as Calculating until the file has been uploaded; once complete, the status will show Complete