After setting up your ACH account, you must validate the payment account to start receiving electronic payments from ACTIVE Network. Two micro-deposits will be sent to the bank account designated (the amounts will be between $0.01 and $0.25). These deposits must then be confirmed (validated) before additional funds will be sent.

Below are instructions to validate a direct deposit (ACH) account 
  1. Click Settings (top right)
  2. Click Payment accounts under Account settings
  3. Click Validate under STATUS     
    • Note: Click Validate directly here and do NOT make any changes by editing existing payment account information. Otherwise, the microdeposits will be expired and replaced by new ones sent out after the change.
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  1. Enter two micro-deposit amounts received from ACTIVE Network sequentially (in order received)
  2. Click Validate
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Note: If the validation process is successful, the status will change to Active and future electronic payments will be received from ACTIVE Network
Note: If the validation process is unsuccessful, the status will change to Validation Failed - you may attempt to validate the account for a maximum of five (5) times (if this is surpassed, view the micro-deposit not received article for instructions)