Below are instructions to change or update existing payment account information for an organization.

Note: Only 2 remittance accounts with the same bank info can be created. If the same bank info has been used on 2 remittance accounts already, your event team cannot create or update the remittance accounts with the bank info. If your organization does have the need to link more than 2 remittance accounts with the same bank information, please contact Support
  1. Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account
  2. On organization Home page, click Settings at top right corner            
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     3. Click Payment accounts under Account Settings
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       4. Check the box next to desired payment account to update ​
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  1. Click Edit
  2. Update address or banking information as necessary
  • Note: Primary payment account cannot be changed after it is created
  1. Click Save   
Note: Direct Deposit (ACH) payment account will be required to complete validation again. Please follow instructions outlined at Validate Direct Deposit (ACH) Payment Account