During event registration open, if you would like to change payment account details and start to receive registration revenue in a different bank account, please kindly update your current payment account details with the new bank information.
Below are the instructions to update existing payment account with new bank details after you Log in to ACTIVE Works with Existing ACTIVE Passport Account:
  1. Click your event name under Your Events 
  2. Go to Event Details to note down the current event payment account
User-added image
  1. Click Settings at top right
  2. Click Payment accounts
  3. Check your event payment account under ACCOUNT DESCRIPTION
  4. Click Edit 
User-added image
  1. Update bank details
  2. Click Save
Note: Once registration is activated, all registration transactions will be integrated with the payment account selected. If selected event payment account is changed during registration open, transactions after the change will be integrated with the new payment account. As a result, certain changes of participant registrations would not be possible, these will include registration transfers and refunds. Therefore, it is important to keep selected payment account the same during the entire registration period.