If you have not received the micro-deposits for the direct deposit (ACH) and five business days have passed, it is possible that there may have been a data entry error when Set Up Direct Deposit (ACH) Payment Account was entered. Below are recommendations for next steps:
  1. Contact your bank to inquire if any deposits were received from ACTIVE Network (amounts of $0.25 or less)
  2. Confirm bank's policies regarding length of time for transactions to post to accounts
  3. Re-enter by Edit or Update Current Payment Account into ACTIVE Works Endurance to attempt Validate Direct Deposit (ACH) Payment Account again
    • Note: If bank information entered does not change, no new micro-deposits will be sent to account
    • Note: Only checking account information is accepted - savings accounts are not supported for direct deposit
  4. If account still cannot be validated, please Report Issue and Contact Endurance Support