When setting up Referral Rebates, it will be helpful to take a look at the following examples to understand how Rebate Recipients function (who receives the rebate). The examples are based on the following referral rebate scenario:
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Person A registers and receives a referral link which is sent to Persons B, C, and J. Person B registers and receives their own referral link, which is used by Persons D and E when registering. This pattern continues until the above "web" is created.

Here are some examples of the rebate settings and how they would work with the above scenario.

The Rebate recipients setting lets you adjust who will receive the rebate:
  1. Referrers only - Rebates will be given only to registrants which successfully refer other registrants. In the scenario above, Persons A, B, C, and F would receive the rebate.
  2. All referrers and referees - Rebates will be given to referrers as well as everyone who registers through a referral link, regardless of whether they then refer others. In the scenario above, all registrants would receive the rebate.
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