The Social Referral program menu will be displayed on the Referral Summary dashboard to display the revenue and amount of referral registrations created using the Referral Rebate tool. 
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REGISTRATIONS refers to total number of participants who have registered via a referral link.

  • Referral Rebate Links are not considered as shared until someone registered using them. See below illustration on when Referral Rebate Links are considered as shared.
  • The number of REGISTRATIONS​ is solely based on if Referral Rebate Links are shared. It is not equal to the actual number of registrants that will receive rebates. 
  • Prepaid purchases are counted to receive rebates as long as they have met the social referral rebate rule. However, the number of prepaid purchases are not counted towards REGISTRATIONS until redeemed
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REVENUE refers to total registration fee collected from registrations of shared referral rebates (see above explanation)
Percentage bar indicates source of Social Referral Rebate registrations.