The Referral Rebate function helps Event Organizers sell their events out by financially  incentivizing registrants to promote the event and recruit additional registrants. The tool allows Event Organizers to automatically issue credits to participants based on the number of participants they refer.

Social Referral Rebate is a Premium Tier tool, to enable please contact your account manager or support at

Follow the instructions below to create a referral rebate for your event, once you log into ACTIVEWorks Endurance.
  1. Click an event name under Your events on Organization Dashboard (HOME)
  2. Click Tools
  3. Click Discounts
  4. Click Multi-person discount
  5. Click Create
  6. Select Social referral rebate
  7. Choose whether the rebate will be given to:
  • Referrers only - Rebates will be given only to registrants which successfully refer other registrants
  • All referrers and referees - Rebates will be given to referrers as well as everyone who registers through a referral link, regardless of whether they then refer others
  1. Enter the Name of the referral rebate
  2. Select Rebate type, Flat amount or Percentage. Not sure which one to pick? Percentage vs Flat Amount in Referral Rebates
  3. Enter the number of referrals and the amount/percentage
  • Note: It is HIGHLY recommended to NOT offer a 100% discount for the rebate amount, as it will provide everyone that uses the rebate link a free registration
  • Note: The rebate amount does not stack. A registrant who refers ten others will receive the same amount as a registrant who refers one
  1. (Optional) Click Add another rule for additional rebate options
  2. Enter Refund date
  3. Click Save 
➤ For examples of how various referral settings will change how rebates are handled, see Referral Rebate Functionality
  • Note: Referral rebate settings cannot be modified or disabled once there are valid referrals
  • Note: The number of referrals includes the original participant and any participant that completes a registration using their link
Note: As of Feb 2021, ACTIVE no longer holds automatically holds registration income to fund the social referral rebates. Instead we will automatically credit the participants by using the balance of the remittance period in which your Rebate day lands. If your balance is zero, you can simply fund your account by reaching out to support at