Participants who have signed up through an express registration cannot be transferred to a different category. However, they can be cancelled and registered with a 100% discount code. Here are those steps, taken after logging into ACTIVEWorks Endurance

1. Cancel participant registration:
a. From Organization Dashboard (HOME), click event name under Your events
b. Click Participants
c. Select participant's name
d. Under Current purchases, click Actions
e. Click Cancel
User-added image
f. Enter comments if necessary and click Next
g. Order successfully canceled
  • Note: Do not provide a refund as you will be giving participant a discount code to register for new category.
2. Create 100% off discount code
a. Go to Tools > Discounts
b. Click Create
c. Complete all fields
d. Set Maximum number of uses to "1"
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e. Check boxes for appropriate categories and price types
f. Click Save

3. Provide participant with discount code so they can register for new category