After completing the first step of express registration for an endurance/race event, the athlete then needs to complete the full registration via computer (non-mobile device) using the link found within the second email received (the first email is simply a confirmation of the express registration). Multiple reminder emails will be sent if an order contains multiple registrations. A unique redeem link will be generated for each registration in the order.

Below are instructions to complete the full registration from a computer.
  • Note: The Order ID for the express registration is different than the Order ID for the full registration (the full registration completed from a computer may include additional purchases)
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1. Open the second email received from on behalf of the endurance/race organizers
  • Note: The subject of the message is "Don't forget to complete your registration for [EVENT NAME]"
2. Click the link to complete the full registration
  • EXAMPLE: (the #s represent a unique event ID and the subsequent identifier is a unique string of alphanumeric characters)
3. The Sign in options screen appears with the following choices:
a. New User: Enter an email address to start the process (and create an account later)
b. Sign in with an email address (by logging into an Passport account)
4. Follow the prompts and steps of the standard registration process
5. Click Complete when finished

A confirmation message appears stating that the transaction is complete. At this point, no further action is required from the athlete (besides preparing for the event). Have fun at the race!

Note: If an athlete does not complete the express registration, then this express registration remains Incomplete and will not appear in event Registration report and under event's Participants tab.