Instructions below are for searching a participant profile to view a registration for an event. Depending on your access rights you will be able to view, manage, transfer, refund, cancel, and apply credit from the registration view.
  1. Sign in to ACTIVEWorks Endurance
  2. Click on blue magnifying glass magnifying-glass in top right hand corner
  3. Enter name, email, Order ID (C-______), or Registration ID (R-______) , press Search
    • Note: You do not need to enter full name to search. You can search by partial name, first name, last name.
    • Note: Search results will display single participant view if only one person matching search or it will display a list of participants if multiple matches are found.
  4. Click on the desired event and the desired registration ID
User-added image
  1. You are now able to view participant registration details and current purchases, as well as take various actions on the registration

Things to Note
  • Each registration is identified with a unique Registration ID that begins with R-______.  Example: R-343HDF
  • Each registration is tied to an Order ID (C-_____)
  • Registrations that are completed together will be linked to the same Order ID
  • If registration cannot be located, please review Registrants Cannot Be Found in Participants List as it is possible it is an Express Registration